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Young kids playing soccer Dental exam

The key to having a bright, healthy smile for life starts with good oral hygiene habits. Ensure your children have access to knowledge and dental services they need to protect their mouth by bringing them to our office for regular checkups and cleanings.

Keep your child's teeth healthy and strong as they grow by scheduling regular checkups with our dentists.


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Whether your child is coming in for a checkup or needs to get a cavity filled, our dentists take care to make each experience as painless as possible.


This same gentle care is also taught when educating your kids on proper tooth brushing and other tips to ensure good dental hygiene, helping them avoid harm that can be caused by poor technique or aggressive brushing.

Gentle, compassionate dentistry

• Checkups

• Dental care education

• Fluoride treatments

• Growth and development evaluations

• Regular cleanings

Complete care under one roof:

Our dentists are happy to work with anyone who is at least 5 years old, allowing everyone the opportunity to pursue a lifetime of good dental health at an early age.

How old does a child have to be in order to schedule an appointment?

Start Early