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Dental Implant

Despite advances in dentistry sometimes a tooth cannot be saved and must be extracted. In the past the only options were to either cut down the adjacent teeth and fabricate a bridge or provide the patient with a partial denture to replace the lost tooth. Today there is a third option: Implants.


implant implant xray2

Over Denture

Implants are hollow titanium cylinders that can be inserted into the vacant site and through a process known as osseointegration, fuse with the bone. Once integrated, a crown can be fabricated that joins with the implant and brings the site back to full function. Implant bridges are also possible.

Implants are not limited to simply restoring sites that have lost teeth. They can also be used to help hold in dentures. Lower dentures are one of the most miserable oral devices ever invented, floating on the ridge they often move while functioning. By simply placing two lower anterior implants this issue can be resolved.  

dental before implant after overdenture